Philip Young is the founder and chairman of Young Corporation.
He is actively involved as Chief Executive Officer and remains hands-on with his established companies as well as in the development of new company growth around the world. Since its inception the Young Corporation’s focus and goal has been to establish a global presence while offering outstanding customer service and innovative products.

Since beginning his furniture line, Young has invested in numerouse start-up companies that will be branded and managed under his corporate umbrella as his corporation continues to expand. Young Corporation is experiencing exponential growth around the world and offers its diverse portfolio of products and services to a board customer base.

The Young Corporation has achieved its position through innovation, development, enginering, manufacturing and product sourcing, distribution around the globe, and niche marketing for all products and services. Each of these components has served to present futher opportunities in alternative markets such as the following :

  • Chair Components (Young Components)
  • Hardware (Young Hardware)
  • Upholstery Supply (Young Upholstery)
  • Cabinets and Countertops (Astera)
  • Apartment Builder’s Supply (ABS Supply)
  • Multi-Family Apartment Complex (Ashley Park Apartments)

Young Corporation Group offers products that have been tested to meet all certification criteria and undergo rigorous testing in each respective category. They are constantly updated to meet safety and quality standards according to regional guidelines and specifications such as:

  1. Cabinetry that is licensed and certified with KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association).
  2. Electrical/Lighting Products certified through ETL/UL
  3. Faucets/Plumbing Products certified through NSF/cUPC.
  4. Furniture and their Components certified through BIFMA.

With first class engineering and proven design and functionality to support it, Young Corporation is now able to use its international trading experience to develop other areas of interest and to continue to develop through expanding product ranges and distributor support worldwide. 


The vision of the Young Corporation is to be a global manufacturing and trading organization and leading competitor in the world market where we are involved in every aspect of our customers needs as we expand our product lines and constantly evolve to meet our customers expectations.


As our company grows our main focus will be on continuing our commitment in offering competitive pricing, quality merchandise, and state-of-the-art products with responsive, accurate, on-time delivery.Our ultimate goal will be to offer the latest advances in innovation and technology in our products, while working with people who are knowledgeable, creative, and offer outstanding customer service to better enhance your interaction with the Young Corpoation

Human Resources

Young Corporation is set to become a global leader with a diverse portfolio of companies and brands. As we build our portfolio, we also build the foundation of our companies through Human Resources with talented people who are knowledgeable of our product lines. Education and training for management positions are offered abroad for hands-on experience and is passed on to all personnel working with Young Corporation for outstanding customer service and satisfaction.